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(#3 Method) Mcent Unlimited Free Recharge Trick 2016

Mcent Unlimited Free Recharge Trick- Here we have the #3 method for mcent unlimited loot trick. We already post the top 2 methods already check out- Mcent loot Trick #1 Method | Mcent Unlimited Loot Trick #2 Method. We are back with new trick to hack mcent referral which will helps you to do unlimited free recharges with mcent.
Mcent Unlimited Free Recharge Trick
Mcent Unlimited Free Recharge Trick 

Reason behind why we posted 3 methods is for you. Why? because I got messages many times about trick didn't working or stop working actually sometime it haven't work because people make changes in steps which will result as not working. So, I think it is better to give all 3 Methods for mcent unlimited free recharge then there will be no more issue.

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Are you looking for a simple and kind Mcent loot trick which will worth for your expensive time then you are is on right page. Here we have the best mcent unlimited loot trick which will really helpful for you. Trust me guys this #3 method for hacking mcent free recharge is one of the popular and simple method. Hope you'' enjoy it and please feel free to ask your query by commenting done.
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(#3 Method) Mcent Unlimited Free Recharge Trick 2016

  • Firstly Download This New- Mcent Official App
  • Now After Download just opens it.
  • Create Mcent new account by signup with a new number (must).
  • Install any one app from welcome page of Mcent and get it's credit.
  • Now click on the share button and note down your referral code somewhere or save it.
  • Then Just Uninstall mCent App.
  • Now just Download & Install  Phone ID Changer – (Click Here)
  • after download Now Goto Phone ID Changer
  • Then Just Click to Random All Things & Apply For it
  • Now Just Download MCent Using Your Refer Link of main Account
  • Then Register New Account & Verify It
  • Download Any 1 App From List from mcent to Get your Refer Money
  • Coolz, Great! You’ve Done and have refer credits
  • Now again Uninstall MCent from phone & Downloaded App From The Device
  • just Repeat Procedure Again & Again to earn unlimited from mcent

  • Enjoy this trick and please don't forget to comment down if you have any tip or then also if you are getting any problem by doing any of the above step. Let me remind you one thing that If you leave any of the step then it will not work at all.
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    Proof Mcent Unlimited Free Recharge Trick Loot 

    I think this proof is enough It's really work trust me guys. If there will be any problem in any step then kindly comment down we always here to help you.

    Thanks for visit to DmTricks. Hope you enjoy this mcent unlimited free recharge trick. This trik is 100% good and working i also looted a lot of money with this trick. Hope you'll also enjoy it. Please stay turned for more new upcoming tips, tricks, offers, discount and lots more things.

    (#2 Method) Mcent Unlimited Loot Trick 100% Success 2016

    Mcent unlimited loot trick- Hey folks, Yesterday we post the (#1 Method) Mcent Loot Trick Hack Unlimited Money Working 2016 and today we come with the #2 method for Mcent unlimited loot trick. If you are looking for Mcent hacking trick then you are is right page let's start.
    Mcent unlimited loot trick 2016
    Mcent unlimited loot trick 2016

    Mcent is one of the great app that give you money for downloading apps and install them from mcent. There were many apps in it gives more then Rs. 300 and refer and earn system also available in this app which is really great to earn unlimited mcent money and by which you can do many and many recharge and bill payment.

    There is a problem basically comes for everyone is referring process in which you have to copy the refer link from mcent and send it to your friends and after they install mcent via your link and activate it. Then you got the refer amount but actually overall it's a boring process. which may take a lot of time to earn enough that's why we have a trick to loot mcent.
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    In this mcent unlimited loot trick you'll going to learn how to hack mcent and the best thing there is no pc required. what you need? You just need a android mobile phone to do the whole process. Trust me you can earn unlimited via mcent app. You just needs to follow our steps given below and please don't forget any step during this trick.

    Mcent Unlimited Loot Trick (#2 Method) 2016

    1.Install- Mcent Official App
    2. Now After Download just opens it.
    3. Create Mcent new account by signup with a new number (must).
    4. Install any one app from welcome page of Mcent and get it's credit.
    5. Now click on the share button and note down your referral code somewhere or save it.
    --------------------Trick Starts from here--------------------
    6, Now Download and install- Android Id Changer
    7. Open Android Id Changer App now and change any Random Id.
    8. Now open your refer link in any web browser and then you will redirect to playstore.
    9. Now Just change the advertisment Id from google setting.
    10. Now install mcent app and then open it >> Download any 1 offer app.
    11. Awesome now logout and check your old account get the refer amount successfully.
    -Repeat these steps again and again for mcent unlimited loot and enjoy the unlimited recharges and bill payments. Please don't leave any step.

    Hope you enjoy our this awesome mcent unlimited loot trick please don't forget to comment down if you are getting problem. There are some possible reasons which can create problem to hack mcent referral so it's better to read them given below.
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    The Possible Reasons That Results Fail In Mcent Loot Are:

    • You didn't follow all steps.
    • Android id didn't change.
    • Didn't read the whole post and points.
    • Wrong refer code enter.
    • Signup with same number. Always use new number.
    • Don't Reboot your mobile phone.
    • Better not to login after change your android id firstly signup and get done the refer process then come back to your old account.
    So, these may be some of the possible reasons result as fail in mcent unlimited loot. It is thousand times better to avoid them and be careful by reading whole post it will surely help you to loot other apps also such as Earn talktime, ladoo, whaff etc. We will also post there tricks also but you have to wait for it.
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    Thanks for visiting to our blog please comment down. we feel happy to solve your queries Stay turned for more tips, tricks, offers and lots more.

    Saturday, 1 October 2016

    (#Method 1) Mcent Loot Trick Hack Unlimited Money Working 2016

    Mcent Loot Trick
    Mcent Loot Trick : Hack Unlimited Money 201

    Mcent Loot Trick-  Hey folks, we all know that Mcent gives about Rs. 70 (approx) per referral. But to refer an app to your friend and ask for install and tell the whole process is make us feel it is waste of time. But, don't worry we are going to solve this problem today as we bring the Mcent unlimited loot trick which mainly used for Mcent referral hack and let me clear one myth that is there is no mcent unlimited money apk. Actually, there is no Mcent mod app that can give you unlimited money within sometime.
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    There are 3 methods we have by which are helpful Mcent loot trick and helps you to earn enough good amount of money daily by just doing Mcent referral hack. It is really simple to do what you need is just only follow the given below steps and once you got success in it. Then, the whole process will be amazed and simple for you.

    So, better forget about all kind of such myths that mcent having any mod apk and come back to the realistic Mcent loot trick. which we are going to tell in this post and please don't forget to comment down if you are getting any problem in any step we'll help you. So, let's see Mcent referral hack trick and earn unlimited via Mcent app.
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    (#1 Method) Mcent Loot Trick Hack Unlimited Money

    1.Firstly Download This New- Mcent Official App
    2. Now After Download just opens it.
    3. Create Mcent new account by signup with a new number (must).
    4. Install any one app from welcome page of Mcent and get it's credit.
    5. Now click on the share button and note down your referral code somewhere or save it.
    --------------------Trick Starts from here--------------------
    6. After doing all above steps just uninstall the app.
    7. Now open your Mcent referral link in browser and download Mcent app again but don't open it.
    8. Now you just need to download and install- Xprivacy app from playstore
    9. Now just Open the Xprivacy App >  Now there You will see the full list of Apps Installed on your android Now Search for mCent app in the list of apps.
    10. Find the mcent app and click on it and open it and after that many option appear like- notifications, shell, account etc.
    11. Just scroll down and tick mark the options- Phone, shell, and system.
    12. After this open shell from it and tick mark on Su and Sh options.
    13. Come back and then open system and then you'll see many options just scroll down and tick mark getInstalledPackages only.
    14. Now after doing all the above steps go back and click on 3 lines menu button in the right top corner and open setting of Mcent app from it.
    15. Just scroll down and you'll see Clear and Randomize Now. Just you have to click on Randomize Now button.
    16. After all, this just goes back and exit from the Xprivacy app after saving randomize value.
    17. Now open Mcent app and download one app from offer page and log out and then open your main account.
    18. You'll see Rs. 50 in you Mcent wallet.
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    Do this process againa and again and enjoy the mcent loot trick please don't think it is too long because it worth of your time. It is too easy when you do it by 2-3 times it will really easy for you trust me.
    There is the lot of tricks to hack Mcent referral but after experiences all, I love to say this method is better than all. It is really easy and if you are not able to do it then no need to worry. we will post 2 more methods- #2 Mcent loot here. Hope they will surely they helpful for you to earn unlimited in Mcent.

    There are many types Mcent loot trick you can find easily on the internet but the reality 80% of them are not working. I think tris is the amazing trick ever find only on DmTricks which will surely 100% work. Don't forget to visit daily for latest deals, tricks, recharge, offers tips and more as we are the authorized writer and have experience of 2 years.
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    Hope you guys enjoy the Mcent loot trick please don't forget to comment down and please mention your mobile number as well. I will personally call you just to solve your problem. Thanks for trusting us and read out more awesome tricks & feel free to raise your query regarding this Mcent loot trick to earn unlimited and tell us about your experience. 

    Freecharge Loot - Recharge With Rs. 50 and Get Rs 60 Cashback

    Freecharge loot - Hey folks, today we bring an awesome freecharge loot for you. There were many posts regarding free charge unlimited loot we posted in our recent blog QTricks. After a long time here is the new freecharge loot offer come back now just Recharge with Rs. 50 and you got Rs. 60 cash back in your wallet. This is the new offer presented by freecharge after the freecharge hi50.

    Freeccharge loot
    Freeccharge loot
    Freecharge is one of the best-growing sources for doing Mobile recharge, DTH recharge, Postpaid bill payment, Prepaid recharge, Electricity payment etc.. It is really simple to use and also it is easy to do payment by using freecharge. There is much freecharge loot offer easily find on the internet that's why people love to do recharge and bill payments with freecharge,

    The best thing is there are many types of loot available for freecharge. Like during every recharge you can choose a deal and avail it such as Dominos, Mc'D, and other shopping sites also. That's why it is the modern, happy way with lot of benefits to doing recharge,

    In this freecharge loot, you just need to use the coupon for getting Rs. 60 cashback instantly by a just recharge with Rs. 50 in this October 2016. The coupon and the steps which you have to follow are given below which really simple guys. Don't neglect/leave any of the steps may result in no cashback.

    Steps To Grab This Freecharge Loot (*Rs. 60 Cashback*)

    1. Firstly you need to- Download Freecharge App
    2. Then open it and do login/signup.
    3. Recharge With Rs. 50 or More.
    4. Apply Promo code OR coupon - CM60 or FC60 or RJ60
    5. Once the coupon code applied successfully shown on your screen then you just need to make payment by Credit/Debit card, Net banking or other.
    6. Once the payment and recharge successful Then just check your wallet filled with Rs. 60 cashback. Enjoy!!
    Please make sure you follow all the above steps to enjoy the Rs. 60 cashback in your freecharge wallet

    Terms and Conditions For Freecharge Loot 

    1) Valid on successful Recharges/ Bill Payments done until 8th October 2016
    2) Valid on Minimum Recharge of Rs 50.
    3) Flat cashback of Rs 60
    4) CM60 promo code has to be applied to avail cashback offer & is linked to Decent Yashveer @ Gmail .cOm
    5) Valid only Once per user/credit/debit card/Mobile number
    6) Valid on Credit/Debit card, Netbanking and Freecharge Balance
    Cashback will be credited to your FreeCharge Wallet which can be redeemed within 185 days from the date of credit and is nontransferable.
    7) Not valid on Virtual Cards & International Cards which are issued outside India
    8) Not valid for Add Cash & Airtel Postpaid/Prepaid/DTH/Landline
    Offer valid on Freecharge App, Web & mWeb
    9) We reserve the right to restrict cashback for any account with suspicious behaviour or invalid details/ credentials, Freecharge has the right to ask for documents to prove his/her identity
    10) We reserve the right to end/modify any or all offers at our discretion without any prior notice

    So, It's all about today's new freecharge loot. Please don't forget to comment down for ask any question or raise your query. we feel happy to help you. Thanks for visitng stay turned for our new upcoming posts only on DmTricks.

    Friday, 30 September 2016

    New Snapdeal Free Shipping Trick October 2016

    Snapdeal free shipping trick- Hey folks, here I am back with a new trick which will really helpful for you. This trick will help you to remove snapdeal shipping charges and make shipping free of cost.I think many of you feel uncomfortable with snapdeal shipping price don't worry in this post I am going to make it totally free.

    snapdeal free shipping trick
    snapdeal free shipping trick

    Snapdeal is one the great shopping site in India. Many orders place there but sometimes it shows about Rs. 49 or Rs. 99 or more price of shipping even for a low-cost product.

    which is really not satisfied for me also. So I decided to make a snapdeal free shipping trick short out this problem and remove shipping charges.
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    We well know what you want and that because we understand what you are looking for and we work for it and make snapdeal free shipping trick possible in this october festival month 2016. Enjoy this trick and please don't forget to follow us for more update.

    Snapdeal Free Shipping Trick October 2016 

    1. Visit- Snapdeal Online Shopping or Open snapdeal app
    2. Now order whatever you want to suppose: Maggie pack
    3. Now suppose your product shows +Rs. 49 or Rs. 99 or more charges for shipping then.
    4. Add more product to your order list (don't worry) and make the order.
    5. Now after the shipping price will zero and you done your order then just go to My order section.
    6. Cancel those order you don't want and enjoy the free shipping.

    Important Remember Points For This Snapdeal Free Shipping Trick

    • Don't worry when you add more items to make your shipping free because no amount you have to pay for them if you cancel them out after order done.
    • Add items till you don't see free shipping.
    • Better to use Snapdeal App.
    So, these are some points you have to follow in this snapdeal free shipping trick. If you are getting any problem during this process please comment down. we are happy to help you.
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    Snapdeal offers many and many deals now a day. In our next post, we cover up the new and best deals by snapdeal (Dil ki deal). So, stay with us and feel free to contact us for any query regarding our any post or personal issue. Thanks for visiting hope you enjoy this Snapdeal free shipping trick 2016

    Thursday, 29 September 2016

    Ebay Loot Offer : Sandisk 16GB Pendrive Just For Rs. 99

    Hey, guys, we are back with a new Ebay loot offer. If you are looking to buy Sandisk 16 GB Pendrive then you are is on right page. In this post, we are going to provide you steps by which you can easily get this awesome Sandisk 16gb Pendrive just for Rs 99 today.
    Ebay Loot Offer
    Ebay Loot Offer : Sandisk 16GB Pendrive For Rs. 99

    Ebay is on of the best shopping site basically the things that you have not find anywhere it will 99.99% available at eBay. Same as the Sandisk 16gb Pendrive deal like this you can't find anywhere else. Did you ever hear Sandisk Pendrive for rs 99? Maybe you listen but they are just spams and surveys but this time, it is possible to get Sandisk Pendrive 16GB at best price. So, let's make it possible with this eBay loot offer.

    How To Get Sandisk 16GB Pendrive For Rs. 99 In Ebay Loot Offer :

    1. Firstly visit eBay - Sandisk 16GB Pendrive Offer Page
    2. Click To Buy Now Button.
    3. Now Just Sign in/Signup 
    4. Apply Promo code/coupon- PENDRIVE99
    5. Enter shipping details and click proceed to pay.
    6. Now just choose the payment option and done your order and Track it easily.

    Terms and Conditions For Ebay Loot Offer

    • This loot offer is valid for limited time period only on eBay.
    • Offer and promo code/coupon valid for new users only. So, if you already buy something before then it's better to make a new account for this deal.
    • Item is available for limited time period. the offer will expire after Sandisk 16gb Pendrive stock out.
    If you are getting any problem during applying the promo code/coupon or you can't find the prices after apply promo code/coupon Rs.99 . I recommended you to contact me on - My facebook now I am happy to tell you the solution there. Please don't forget to raise your querry and complains.

    Ebay New Upcoming & Working Loot Offers : 

    There are lot of new upcoming ebay loot offer and also some are still in deal here we have a list of some. I think you must check out the awesome Smart phones available on eBay with a great price value given below.

    That's all about out today's post. we'll back with some new offers soon.Please stay turned and don't forget to given below related more post for you.

    Tuesday, 27 September 2016

    Trick To Get Reliance Jio 4G Sim For All Android Devices.

    Hey, folks today we are going to tell you about Trick to get reliance jio 4g for any 4g device. As we all know jio 4g craze is on growth day-by-day. But, many of your are not able to get Reliance jio 4g sim card even if you have 4G android phones because reliance launch them for some devices brand only. But, in this post, I am gonna show you trick by which you can get reliance jio 4g sim card for any android device.

    I already get the jio 4G sim for my phone but some of my friends are really upset because everyone enjoying the Jio 4G unlimited but they did not even they have the 4G Android phone. Then one day I do an experiment with one of my friend Himanshu and I find out the way to generate Jio coupon in those phones also who didn't show the GET JIO SIM option in My Jio App.

    Then we share this trick with our all friends who didn't get the GET JIO SIM option in there phone and result it works in each and every phone. I also got a party from them for it :-) .  So, by this case study, I am sure that this tip will surely 101% work for you and then after you can enjoy you Reliance Jio 4G in your any 4G Device.So, let's check out the method.

    Trick To Get Reliance Jio 4G Sim For All Android Device:

    1. Firstly uninstall all Jio related app from your device.
    2. Now Download- My Jio v3.2.05 app
    3. Install app and ensure your internet connection should be on.
    4. Now open the My Jio app and then here's the trick start.
    5. When you click open in My Jio app a screen will show up where you find the Get Jio Sim option tap on it fastly before it shows update app message.
    6. Now just verify your number and enter some details and get your Jio unique coupon. Just visit the Reliance digital store and show it to them and get your sim card.

    This My Jio app version 3.2.05 will enable the Get Jio Sim option for unsupported Jio devices also. So, Enjoy this trick and please don't think it is waste of time atleast try it and if 1st or 2nd time you failed to tap on GET JIO SIM option then don't worry try again and I am sure once you successfully click on it then there will any thing going to stop you.

    Terms and Conditions For Using This Jio 4G Sim New Trick :

    • I didn't try this trick on any 3G phone.
    • Confirm it will work in every 4G phone if you follow each and every above step.
    • The update message will show to your screen immediately if you didn't press the Get Jio Sim button fastly after opening My Jio App.
    • Visit the nearby Reliance Digital Store and don't forget to show your coupon to them then and then they will give you the Reliance Jio 4G Sim card.
    When your sim will active then it will show you 2GB of the internet for 3months validity. Don't worry it's a welcome offer what you need to do is given below.

    • Download any 3-4 Jio apps from play store (like- Jio tv, Jio cinema, Jio Live etc.
    • Then restart your phone 
    • Then check you got the unlimited internet for 3 Months.

    If after that it will show you 4GB per day usage limit then no need to worry. we already post about How To Remove Reliance Jio 4GB Per Day Limit and Get Unlimited Internet Data Don't forget to read it.

    Please don't forget to share this post with your friends on facebook and whatsapp. Sharing is caring for you, you friends and even for us also. I am really happy to see you there stay turned.